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Russia-Ukraine War

Impromptu feeders for pets in Ukrainian ruined cities

Volunteers place impromptu feeders for pets in the destroyed blocks so cats and dogs don't starve to death

Ukrainian contempt for Russian forces

can take different forms

Turret of Russian tank: ‘I can fly, my friend!”

This Russian tank was blown up by Ukrainian defenders on May 6th near Novoazovsk in Donetsk region. Novoazovsk has...

Ukrainian War Dog

This dog wears knee and elbow pads. He was dressed so just for fun. This comment was needed because...

‘Putin Suicide” Monument in Kyiv

Just Do It. Bring joy and relief to millions around the worls.

Russian warship ‘Admiral Makarov’ hit with Neptune missile near Zmiiny island

There are indications the Russian warship "Admiral Makarov" was hit with a Ukrainian Neptune missile. A ship is on...

Another Russian warship reportedly on fire near Zmiiny island in Black Sea

Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate of the Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet is reportedly on fire near Zmiiny island in the...

“Baida” in Ukrainian means…

"Baida" in Ukrainian means an easy-going, somewhat mischevious person. There are several Ukrainian folk...

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